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Today, September 25 2021, it’s time to take care of your Online presence properly

If you have a Website, an eCommerce or even just a Facebook or an Instagram Page, it’s important that you manage your online space as if it were your personal office, your offline shop or showcase.

Every single day you have to check that everything is organized, functioning and optimized for your aim/goal.

You should verify and test that your clients are able to contact you, to see you and find everything he or she needs in few clicks.

This is the Vision that will allow you and your Brand to become and keep you as the first benchmark for your client.


FunnelDesigner will follow you step by step, from the creation to the management of your online space, in order to lead you to the highest level of your field and market with no limits 😉

Why Funnel Designer

Starting from the early beginnings, from the precise moment when it comes to you the Idea.

We are there, ready to design your idea improving its shape and its goal.

Taking care of every single detail for its realization and online delivery.

Organizing the team who let your project grow and reach its aim.


Strategic consulting/ coaching on how to launch your Idea and keep it functional during time.
We will help you to set your objectives, to schematize the necessary steps to achieve them, studying the best tools that are already available to you.


Both Technical and Educational at 360° to automatize every technical and visual process.
Delegate (and learn) what you need to create your Website and / or eCommerce to which you can link your Funnel, BOT, Newsletters, Social Pages, CRM etc..


Maintenance and Support of every relations and processes that you cannot deal alone.
We will take care of your image, communication for the acquisition of new clients and retention of existing ones.
All technical aspects are Guaranteed.


Study and Check your situation with suggestions for how to improve even more your efficiency.
Don't wait for the drop in sales to understand what works and what needs to be improved. With the constant analysis of the results you can become the TOP of your market.

To realize all this….

We are partners of…

Integromat lets you connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks without effort

The first marketing and selling centralized system which offers all the services to sell in Italy and all over the world

ManyChat is the Number 1 BOT on Facebook Messenger for marketing, eCommerce and support

A complete solution pack to make your website or app compliant with regulations, available in multilingual and many legislations.

We are compatible with…

e molti altri..

They believe in us

Made by CEO2

Manuel Sandri

Marketing Designer

Ilaria Baratto

International Copywriter

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